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    Free! Eternal Summer episode 5 preview screenshots. (x)

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    what’d you get saddled with?
    —I wasn’t saddled with anything. it’s coraline.
    caroline what?
    coraline. coraline jones.

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You’ve been so strong for oh so very long. It’s only but a moment more till you’ll lay your head down. And miles to go before I sleep.

Everyone is watching your every move.
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    Hehe maybe he does all 3 LOL

    and thank you kanononono for the audio = 7= (and click for larger view)

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    youre tellin me alex kralie held auditions for eight hours and only brian showed up

    #fuckin shitlord nerd baby

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Entry #85


    Entry #85

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    August 1st!


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I was accidentally chosen as Deck Master because I couldn’t stay still.

My attempt at duel monsters shaming, based on DM episode 99. x)
I might do more of these, I had 3 ideas this morning. This should really be a thing~


    I was accidentally chosen as Deck Master because I couldn’t stay still.

    My attempt at duel monsters shaming, based on DM episode 99. x)

    I might do more of these, I had 3 ideas this morning. This should really be a thing~

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    I still find it weird that the Yugioh Duel Monsters anime showed more of Mokuba’s sweet side and the manga showed more of his bratty asshole side


    Like anime Mokuba always seemed kinda humble and adorable to me

    And then


    Like, manga Mokuba had his sweet moments too but seriously they seem like different characters at times

    And I fucking love both

    when did this get notes

    To be fair, that scene above was immediately followed by:


    (Haha, Kaiba was so annoyed.)

    But yeah, manga Mokuba was a lot more bratty than his anime version. Not to mention he was a CHRONIC cheater AND had no qualms about poisoning people’s food.

    Manga Mokuba also survived two penalty games:



    Admittedly, Yami may have gone easy on him the first time and then managed pulled him out of the second one before too much damag, but penalty games are penalty games.

    I like how the manga and anime seems to have used two different little brother troupes. Annoying and bratty little brother vs sweet and innocent little brother. Major fun.

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    The only thing I hear in this scene

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    The ‘sin’ of having a minimum is that they bring an early death to their users, and that’s why Art wants to erradicate them completely



    This is a theory I have been thinking up for several days now, but did not want to go into further speculation until I watched this week’s episode (which I’m glad to say pretty much confirmed my suspicions), so after some encouragement from fabelyn I decided I would share it with you guys after all. Like the title says, here I will try to explain in (further) detail why minimums are “sins” and why Art wants to erradicate them, as well as to why he wants Nice dead, and who might be the mastermind behind everything.

    Thanks in advance to fabelyn, from whom I borrowed some ideas based on her theories. Also props to good7luck,  and , who discussed this in the tag before as well. Brace yourselves, this is going to be a bit long.

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    AMAZINGLY DONE. I don’t see anything I could argue with, except for the fact that I remember Momoka as a hacker and not as a minimum holder but it’s been a while since I last watched the episode in which she’s acting foul, so I could be wrong. :) Amazingly written!

    Thank you!! To be honest I can’t remember during which episode this was stated, but I was under the impression that she was a minimum holder. The wiki says it at least, but if that was all pure hacking she was doing… well, then all the more reason to believe her minimum could be a manipulator of sorts.