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    When Mike Chilton woke up early that morning the last thing he thought he’d be doing that day was to come across two kids, two KIDS (and he really couldn’t stress that far enough) that had been walking dangerously close to the Burners’ Test Track. And by ‘dangerously close’ he meant that they were inside the Track while said Burners were having their early daily routine. Just as they had made an impossibly violent turn, the kids seemed to sprout out of nothingness. That was the loudest he had heard Chuck scream to date.

    The best they had managed to get from them was that they were from ‘some forest or whatever’, and Mike had no idea what they were talking about since there was absolutely no way they came from Terra. Not when they looked so energetic and bouncy and happy. The little girl specially.

    But hey, it was cool, right? They could deal with two kids. And they were 12, at least, meaning they wouldn’t run around and cause too much trouble. So they had decided that as soon as they got rid of the new menace Kane had graced them with that day, they’d help them get back home.

    Stay put, they had asked them.

    We’ll be good! they had answered.

    But boy, had Mike forgotten what being a reckless 12-year-old was.

    He still could not believe that he was barely hanging on to dear life over the roof of his beloved Mutt as said two KIDS were currently occupying the passenger seats and maneuvering his car with the driving skills of a hysterical Chuck. While high.

    "Kids! Veer to the left! THE LEFT!"

    A crazy giggle was heard from the pilot seat as they barely avoided another gigantic Kane robot. Even though the roar of Mutt’s motor and the raging wind were thundering against his face, he still could hear their voices as clearly as though he were in the car with them.

    "Mabel! Stop driving like a crazy person and give me the wheel already!!"

    "No way! I’m having so much fun right now! And I won’t get to drive another car till I’m 16!"

    "And I will never get to drive a car ever again if you kill us before we’re even 13!

    "Oh Dipper, relax, you worry too much!"

    "Mabel! Eyes on the ROAD!"


    Mike visibly cringed at the sight in front of them.

    Oh crap.



    And another violent turn.


    Two hours later and the mess was beyond believable. They had never smashed so many robots, and so many buildings at the same time, so Mike couldn’t really tell if he was happy with the results. The kids were crazy, no doubt about that, but they had managed to annihilate more robots in one day than they had managed in one month of regular work! And they had saved his life, too. It was amazing how conveniently they had appeared at that time, now that he thought about it, right at the moment he might have- well, it didn’t matter anymore.

    And so the kids were brought back to the headquarters for a celebration dinner, the food courtesy of Jacob against their better judgement. But the kids chugged it down anyway, mumbling something about it “being better than Grunkle’s” and asking for seconds right away. Immune to Jacob’s food, they managed to keep everyone laughing with no effort at all, and Mike found himself laughing at their strange anecdotes too. They were without doubt the weirdest pair Mike had encountered.

    Because the were gone by the next day. The cheerful destruction they had left behind as the only evidence that they had been there at all.

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